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Son for Badra Zafzafi and Mohamed El Aouadi
13-03-2013 12:04
On February 27th, at 18.30 hrs. Badra Zafzafi and Mohamed El Aouadi welcomed their baby boy Moussa. Moussa weighed 4114 grams at birth.

The delivery did not go entirely as planned. The little fellow had turned and Badra ended up in hospital to have a caesarian operation. Both mum and son are now at home and are doing well! Badra and Mohamed already have a daughter named Hind (1 year old).
Press release Nayak Aircraft Services extends EASA Part 145 approval Boeing 787 Dreamliner
05-03-2013 15:15
February 25th 2013
Bart Smeets Award Ceremony
05-03-2013 15:12
On Monday 11th of February Nayak Netherlands handed out the Bart Smeets Awards for the third time.
Nominees Bart Smeets Award 2012
04-01-2013 16:36
As announced in July we have asked all the managers of the departments and teams to nominate one person from their team for the Bart Smeets Award 2012. And so they did. We are very proud to announce the nominees for this award. The nominees are:
Son for William and Mariska Herrlinger
04-01-2013 15:55
On December 8th, at exactly 13.09 hrs. William and Mariska Herrlinger welcomed their firstborn son named


Dani weighed 3960 grams and was 50 cm tall at birth.

Mariska told us that the delivery took place at home and that it was a super fast delivery. Everything went well and besides the lesser hours of sleep at night mum, dad and Dani are doing fine!
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